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Health Coaching

What will Health Coaching do for me?

Maya will work with you on a one on one basis. All aspects of your life will be assessed and you will be guided in incorporating new ways of eating, thinking, moving and being that will  gently shift your lifestyle so that you can attain all your health and wellness goals.

Maya works using Naturopathic principles. In this philosophy, when the body, mind and emotions are positive and given what they need your body will go into homeostasis and you will experience health. Maya will be your health advocate. She will advise and guide you on a path of inner change and deep transformation. Deep set patterns that are no longer serving you will be released and replaced with healthier ones. Negative self talk and thoughts will be replaced with positive habits. Your relationship to food will be looked at and transformed at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Your body will heal itself as you fuel it with the proper nutrition, positive thoughts and proper amounts of healthy movement.

You can expect to:
Lose weight
Gain weight (if under weight)
Clear up your skin
Improve digestion
Heal your gut
Learn how to cook healthy food
Get a full nutritional program designed for you.
Learn tools and be fully supported through out your transformation.

Please call Maya to schedule a free initial consultation.