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What is Ashiatsu?

ashiatsu bar therapy
Deep Tissue Without Discomfort
If you’re in need of deep tissue work, but don’t want the discomfort that comes with pointy elbows and thumbs, then Ashiatsu is the treatment for you. Gravity enables your therapist to deliver deeper pressure than with hands-on, so you’ll enjoy the same extra range of movement and chronic tension relief without having to endure painful strokes.

Frees Up Bundled Nerves
Ashiatsu compression movements along the paraspinals and the lumbar region can relieve muscle spasm and open the intervertebral foramen (where spinal nerves pass through). It will give the nerves more space as well as increase circulation by bringing more freshly oxygenated blood to the area being treated.

Stretches The Spine
Many Ashiatsu strokes help to elongate the spine. These movements dramatically stretch the shortened muscles, relieving any discomfort. These strokes also help the body’s lymphatic system release toxins at a very high rate, which is why it is important to drink lots of water before and after a treatment.

Improves Body Posture
After a few treatments, Ashiatsu will help improve your posture and movement, will relieve most if not all chronic pain, improve bodily functions and create a higher sense of balance within the body. Typically, one treatment a week for upwards of six weeks will produce these kinds of results.

ashiatsu bar therapy
What it’s most famous for now in the United States: is deep, gliding, compression. Padded, sanitized, soles, provide a luxurious feel that is not only deeper, but more soothing and comfortable than traditional massage. Feet vs. hands stimulate the clients’ parasympathetic nervous system, allowing them to dive deeper into relaxation. Therapists can achieve better, more satisfactory results for clients, while sustaining fewer injuries to their own muscles & joints.

It is simply the most effective massage, with the longest lasting benefits.


  • Provides more consistent, fluid, satisfactory & desired pressure
  • The broad pressure from the whole sole increases blood & lymph flow
  • Soft, padded soles are able to create changes in chronic soft tissue damage faster than hands/arms
  • More comfortable to receive than bony compression from hands, fists, forearms, and elbows
  • Elongates the spine; creates space in the vertebral column
  • Deepens relaxation for clients by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Enables therapists to use less time to complete areas of work than using hands
  • Comfortably releases trigger points in tissue –effortlessly for therapists
  • A more gentle deep tissue; a more relaxing experience with longer lasting results and greater effectiveness than hand work
  • Alleviates pressure/pain in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar area
  • Relieves sciatic pain


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