Maya's Massage Therapy

"Be Truly Cared For."

Massage Cupping Therapy is a modern form of an ancient technique. This therapy utilizes glass, silicone or plastic cups to create suction on the surface of the body. 

The cups are moved over the skin using gliding and rotating techniques and placed for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization and pull cellular debris from deep in the soft tissue to the surface of the skin where the lymphatic system can more readily eliminate stagnation. The suction reaches deep into the muscles to loosen soft tissue, connective tissue, scarring and adhesions, while also increasing lymphatic flow and circulation.

Cupping may look scary but it should never be painful. The suction feeling is unique and pleasant. Dark marks may appear for up to 2-3 weeks on the skin, these marks are not bruises or trauma to the tissue but the opening of blood vessels and deep toxins coming to the surface.