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Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight. Working with gravity instead of against it, Ashiatsu therapists are able to provide a highly effective therapeutic massage without causing discomfort to themselves or the client. Warm infused oil is applied to the body making this deep massage very luxurious and relaxing. Parallel bars are used above the massage table for balance, support and client safety. Maya's Massage specializes in Ashiatsu massage and employs some of the best (and only) Ashiastu therapists in Sonoma County.

60 Minutes - $100       90 Minutes - $150       120 Minutes- $200   

2 Hands & 2 Feet Massage

Looking for something truly unique to experience? This massage is done by two therapists at the same time. One using her hands and one using her feet. The best of both modalities all in one session! We will use oils specific to your needs incorporating energy balancing.

60 Minutes-$200         90 Minutes $300       120 Minutes-$400

Swedish Massage

During a Swedish massage session you will experience light to medium pressure and long flowing strokes which will rhythmically lull your body into a state of complete relaxation.       

60 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $130

120 Minutes- $175 

Deep Tissue Massage

In this deep massage your therapist will focus on your specific areas of tension. Using various techniques such as trigger point massage, stretching, deep tissue massage and movement of your joints, your therapist will work deep to release chronic areas of pain and help your muscles regain movement. 

60 Minutes - $100

90 Minutes - $150

120 Minutes- $200

Waterfall Essential Oil Technique

Our Waterfall Technique is a therapeutic and luxurious essential oil treatment that cleanses, detoxifies and re-balances your whole body and all its systems. During this 30 minute session, eight different clinical grade Ameo essential oil blends, which are all scientifically formulated to match the frequencies of your body's systems, will be dropped along your spine and gently massaged in. Your entire nervous system stems from your spine, so as these oils penetrate deeper into your skin they will be absorbed and utilized by your entire nervous system and subsequently all the systems of your body.  Add on a waterfall treatment to your next massage and experience the healing powers of the amazing plant world!

30 Minute add on to any massage - $50         

Reiki ~ Energy Healing

Illness, stress and trauma can bring the body out of balance, but with a relaxing Reiki session, the body is able to heal through restoring energy flow. After all, pain is simply where energy is blocked in the body. This Japanese healing technique is used to channel energy into the body using specific patterns and hand positions. Reiki can do the following:
    *    Accelerate Healing of Acute & Chronic Illness
    *    Assist the Body in Cleansing Toxins
    *    Balance the Flow of Chi
    *    Help the Client Emotionally Transform
    *    Supports Immune System, General Relaxation, Stress Reduction
    *    Post-Op Pain
    *    Increase Mental Clarity & Focus
    *    Decrease Depression
    *    Aids in Better Sleep

60 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $130

120 Minutes- $175

Cancellation Policy
A valid credit card will be required to hold your reservation. You may cancel or change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance of your treatment without penalty. For changes or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged a 50% forfeiture fee. If you fail to show up for your appointment or cancel within one hour or less, you will be charged in full. Treatment time is not extended for late arrivals. If you have an online voucher, Groupon or gift certificate and do not provide a 24-hour cancellation notice your voucher will be marked as used.