Maya's Massage Therapy

"Be Truly Cared For."


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"Maya gave me a deeply relaxing and releasing massage
2 hours was not long enough I could have easily a longer massage." Lynetta A. June, 2017

"Maya offered one the best massages I've ever had! She was very attentive to my problem areas and the pressure was just right. All the practitioners here are talented. I always walk out feeling amazing!  I highly recommend Maya's Massage Therapy.  It is by far the best spot in Petaluma! Go check them out." Said A. May, 2017

"Maya is a very talented and intuitive massage therapist! My massage was so very therapeutic! I would definitely recommend her to anyone serious about the healing aspects of massage!" Suzanne Roberts, July 2012

"Maya is the first massage therapist to find and workout the exact trouble spots without specific direction! I feel so much better already." Karen Corral, June 2012

"Maya's massage was top-notch. She found hot spots and provided satisfying touch throughout the 90 minutes! My husband and I each applaud her massage skills!" Jane DeLawter, June 2012

"Maya has a wonderful energy and gave one of the best massages I ever had! She was able to work out problems areas without inflicting pain! I felt very relaxed and comfortable and highly recommend her!" Stephanie Young, June 2012

"Maya is a wonderful massage therapist. From our first session it was clear to me that she is honestly invested both in her craft and in the well being of her clients. She has a strong touch, a skilled and varied technique, and an intuitive healing sense. I drive an hour each way to a stressful, desk-bound job. Since I started weekly massages with Maya I have noticed a striking improvement in my mood, in the quality of my work, and in my ability to cope with stressful situations. I highly recommend Maya!" Nate Loux, Dec 2011

"I just got my first massage from Maya and it was amazing! Her space in Petaluma, though small, is convenient, immaculate and tranquil. Having known very little about her (I purchased my massage through Groupon) I was impressed to learn, after my massage, that she also works at the Fairmont in Sonoma, a fact that she revealed only after I asked where else she works (she's very modest). After filling out the questionnaire, we talked for a few minutes about my particular needs and she provided a wonderful, thorough and blissful massage that perfectly fit the bill. She used a number of different oils, explaining why each one was selected as she proceeded, and she also included some wonderful stretches, in addition to the massage, to help with my lower back issues. Don't let her quiet demeanor (or her modest location) fool you. She is an experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist, who does an outstanding job, at a very reasonable price (especially compared to what you would pay to visit her at the Fairmont), and we are fortunate to have her in Petaluma. Enjoy!" Kathy O., Nov 2011

"I have now seen Maya once per week for the last five weeks. On day one, I was a bundle of knots, in serious pain and could not move my head to the left. A month later I have complete range of motion in my neck, my shoulders are loose and relaxed and I feel like a new man. Additionally, Maya knows just the right way to deal with a problem area. Over the course of the session Maya may use her strong hands to work into the muscle, apply deep pressure to attack a knot, or simply spend a few minutes gently stretching the muscle. Thanks Maya, I will be a consistent client for a long time." Richard Winter, Aug 2011 

"I get a lot of massage, and therefore am very picky about the quality of my massages, and I have got say that my massage with Maya was exceptionally good! Her technique and energy are amazing. It was so good that during our weekend stay at the Fairmont in Sonoma I booked three sessions with Maya! She helped my lower back tremendously by working deep and stretching it. I highly recommend Maya if you are looking for an exceptional massage therapist!" Matthew Stokes, Fairmont Spa Client 2011

"For a few moments during my massage with Maya I was able to forget about everything and everyone! Most massages I've had I felt like the therapist was focused on "fixing" something but Maya focused on relaxing me and attending to my needs as a whole person. That made my massage with Maya so much more enjoyable!" Karin Woods, Fairmont Spa Client 2011

"Maya, You are a True Professional with a touch that was deeply needed to relieve the stress and tension that had accumulated. And when I requested help with my neck and upper back you were nothing short of spectacular. Oh my goodness, a week later and it feels like it was just worked on yesterday. Thank You!" Jim Winkel, Jan 2009

"Yesterday I had the best massage I've ever received!  Maya is professionally and personally gentle and intuitive, and I experienced healing and restoration on many levels.  Her massage studio is cozy and comfortable, and her addition of music and aromatherapy made it a perfect retreat.  Today I realized, for the first time in months, "Wow, my shoulders don't hurt!"  I'm looking forward to regular massage as an investment in my well-being, and I recommend Maya's healing touch to anyone else seeking a great massage therapist." Judy Ness, Jan 2009

"Being a professional firefighter for over 30 years creates aches and pains throughout my body.  I depend on massage to keep me going in my chosen profession.  Maya has the “knack” for finding and working out my “trouble spots”. She has an intuitive touch, strong-skilled hands and most of all a truly healing heart.  Her work space provides a comfortable and relaxing setting where I can just “let go”. My condition ALWAYS improves the day after a massage from Maya, allowing me less pain, increased mobility and function.  I feel massage is a healthy alternative to any medication out there, and posts better results as well. Maya is a true professional.  I highly recommend her." Mark L., Feb 2009

"I am a hair stylist and I stand mostly in one spot throughout most of the day. Maya's loving touch made my work week seem effortless and my entire body felt fresh as if I had just walked out of a hot tub. No aches or soreness all week! I always look forward to my next massage session with Maya." Fernando Sarmiento, June 2009

"I was feeling down and my body was very tense when I came to your place.  You welcomed me into your home and made me feel comfortable. You set a steady pace and healing intention I felt throughout the massage. Thank you Maya for your loving touch." Justin Corbin, May 2009

"I am hard on my body, I am a competitive bodybuilder and place high demands on myself and my body.  I have had several massages in the past to try and relieve some of the soreness and tightness I experience.  The massage I got from Maya was intense!!! It felt so good and I felt relieved of tension, soreness and pain, I felt like I had new healing blood flow to my muscles allowing them to grow back stronger.  Since Maya's massage I have been able to train my muscles harder. I will be trying to see Maya for massage as much as possible!!!" Brandon West, March 2009