Maya's Massage Therapy

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Waterfall Essential Oil Technique

Our Waterfall Technique is a therapeutic and luxurious essential oil treatment that cleanses, detoxifies and re-balances your whole body and all its systems. During this 30 minute session, eight different clinical grade Ameo essential oil blends, which are all scientifically formulated to match the frequencies of your body's systems, will be dropped along your spine and gently massaged in. Your entire nervous system stems from your spine, so as these oils penetrate deeper into your skin they will be absorbed and utilized by your entire nervous system and subsequently all the systems of your body.

Essential oils are more than aromatherapy. They have strong healing properties, including being anti parasitic, bacterial, fungal and viral, being highly detoxifying and cleansing, boosting immunity and reducing stress and anxiety. After this unique treatment your body and mind will be completely relaxed and detoxified. Clients report feeling euphoric afterwards for several days.

Add on a waterfall treatment to your next massage and experience the healing powers of the amazing plant world!